Saturday, 7 September 2013

Go All Out

The Ramblers are on a listening mission and they want to hear from us.

The view from Edale
They chose a beautiful location to launch their “Go All Out” campaign – Edale in the Peak District. It has been many years since I visited the Peak District and I had forgotten how lovely it is. Edale is a pretty village tucked away at the foot of Kinder Scout and is the official starting point of the Pennine Way (well the Old Nags Head pub is the very official starting point and what better place to start a long walk than a pub?) 

Kinder Scout was also the scene of the Mass Trespass in 1932, when Benny Rothman led a group of around 500 people to the summit of Kinder Scout in a campaign to ensure public access to the countryside. It marked the beginning of a long campaign for the rights of walkers and the Ramblers have been at the forefront of this. They are proud of their history but are looking to the future.
The official start of the Pennine Way

The “Go All Out” campaign is a national one aimed at hearing from walkers and non-walkers alike what the future priorities of the Ramblers should be and how they can help encourage more people to enjoy the outdoors and walking. Not just walking in the wide open expanse of the Peak District, the rolling cliffs of the coastal paths or the rugged mountains of the Lake District but walking in city parks and urban areas. 

I was invited to the media launch to learn about the campaign and help spread the word. It is refreshing to see such an approach and to see the Ramblers open to such a variety of people and views. It was also refreshing that the short walk we did as part of the launch featured two pubs. Now that is my kind of walk!

So what is important to you? Public transport? Finding people to walk with? Where the best pubs are on the route? Learning to navigate? Any environmental issues? The quality of maps and guide books? Dog-friendly routes? Whatever your question or issue the Ramblers want to hear from you and it is easy to find out more via their website or fill in their online questionnaire

The Wain ("Kissing") Stones
My day in the Peak District ended with a walk to the famous Wain Stones (also known as the Kissing Stones) on Bleaklow in the northern peaks. A beautiful evening walk over the peat landscape as the warm, golden sun began to set. Perfect.

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  1. I always wanted to do the Pennine Way on my own, when I started walking quite a few years ago. Nobody would do it with me. However, I never got the opportunity because of work/family etc.

    I found your blog when I was looking up the Coppermines at Coniston. I had a brief trip out there when we were at Flookburgh Steam Gathering and decided to walk up to the mines, quite inappropriately carrying a bag and wearing trainers, as I hadn't intended going so far. The trainers were comfortable though and the bag I carried with an arm through each handle!!!

    1. The Pennine Way is now on my list!
      Coppermines Valley is beautiful. Love your improvising with the carrier bag. Hope you are enjoying solo hiking still :-)