Tuesday, 18 June 2013

High Style: Peter Storm Trousers

High Style is my outdoor clothing and accessories review section. Testing out the serious and practical side of outdoor clothing, in High Style I also consider what sometimes is overlooked - how stylish the items of clothing are.
I am working with a range of retailers and manufacturers to bring these reviews to you from well-known brands to less well-known ones and everything from trousers and t-shirts to rucksacks and flasks.
I hope you enjoy the reviews and find them useful. 

Peter Storm Tri-Stretch Trousers  
(Reviewed for Keswick Blacks)

I have to say I really put these trousers through their paces in a way that surprised even me - I went rock-climbing and abseiling for the first time in my life and the tri-stretch trousers shared the experience with me.

Peter Storm Trousers
These trousers are water-repellant (shower-proof) and tri-stretch. They have a pocket each side at around hip level, two at the back and can be rolled up into a capri length.

First of all the stretch was certainly put to the test as I was stretching and climbing up Scout Crag in Langdale. There was no resistance at all however far I stretched in my attempts to find footholds and I was confident in them (and relieved they stood up so well!)

It was raining lightly on and off all day and whilst they are not designed to be waterproof, the water-repellant material meant that with only light rain I did not need waterproof trousers - my legs did not get wet and the material dried very quickly in the dry times. In heavy rain over-trousers would be necessary.

Rolling to capri-length
An unexpected test (and not one that any claims are made about by Peter Storm or one that I had intended to try) was how well they stood up to being grazed on rocks as I kneeled on various outcrops and ledges and as I skirted around the crag having lost my footing on the way down. There was no damage to the fabric. I was very impressed at that.

I have tried the trousers on hiking days since then and remain impressed.

So did I like the style? Yes I did. These are the first trousers I have tried for outdoor activities that are stretch ones and I loved the shape of them. To celebrate my rock-climbing and abseiling success I went to one of my favourite hotels for a glass of prosecco in the bar and with just a change of footwear, felt like I could have stepped off the high street into the bar rather than from a rock-climb. They are something that with a pair of heels I would wear to the office during the day and then swap heels for hiking boots and head up a fell after work.

I generally like colourful clothes but love these in black and you can add colour with the other parts of the outfit.
Extreme testing on a rock-climb
Any room for improvement? Only a minor one. Personally I could do with the "long" size being half an inch longer. 

Overall Verdict
Very versatile and already one of my favourite outdoor clothing items and something I do not think I could live without in my hiking wardrobe (and my rock-climbing one as it turns out!)

Practicality: 10/10
Style: 8/10

Peter Storm Tri-Stretch Trousers
RRP: £40

(Available exclusively at Blacks & Millets)
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  1. As interesting as usual. Clothes reviews are usually pretty dry so nice to see them actually in action. Good point about them being nice enough to go from daywear to partywear - oops - mountainwear!
    Would it be possible to mention the size range and also your height, to put your length observations into context?
    I'm sure you'll manage some amazing at-height picnic to make a flask review fun to read as well!
    Another great project. Well done x

    1. Hi Tracey - good points about size ranges and heights. Thank you! I am 5'8" by the way...
      I am sure the at-height picnic will happen!
      Thank you x

  2. What a very good idea to review outdoor wear by testing it to destruction on your own climbs and fell walks.

    And I know I can trust your reviews too.

    Have to say I love your pink jacket even if that is not what you are reviewing here.

    Look forward to the next review.

    1. Thanks! That is a real compliment.
      Pink will feature in a future review - I am testing it at the moment :-)

  3. I was really interested in this review as - I have to say - I often find Peter Storm gear to be somewhat lacking. If I say slightly "clumpy" and offering little "give" I hope that makes sense! However, the brand does often produce colourful items which is great! Based on your experience, I'll give them another go :-) PS I understand the need for a little extra leg length - I'm 5'8" too but apparently that's considered average nowadays!

    1. Thanks Karen - definitely lots of give in the stretch trousers! I haven't really tried Peter Storm items before but I was impressed.
      Yes 5'8" isn't particularly tall nowadays so I hope they can look at the length. At least there were lots of long lengths available in various sizes - often shops just have regular.
      Tanya :-)

  4. Thank you for the great review, looking to buy some for my partner and wanted to know how they work in the real world.
    This is how you write a review!